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I believe it was Soul ?

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Q: What is the guys name on Pokemon soul silver red head?
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In Pokemon heart gold the real name of the red head boy?


What is the boys name on soul silver that is a red head that stole a Pokemon ball?

you get to name him yourself

Who is your rival in Pokemon silver?

His name is silver. Giovanni's son

In Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal What is Silver's real name?

Silver's real name is just that. SILVER. Despite the fact you can name ???(the 'name' he has when you first encounter him) whatever you want in the games, his official name will always be Silver.

What is the name of the dragon Pokemon user in the indigo plateau in Pokemon silver?


What Pokemon Chronicles episode does Gold meets Silver?

There isn't a Pokemon Chronicles episode that Gold meets silver and Gold's real name is actually Jimmy in the show, but I don't know Silver's name.

What is the thief's name in Pokemon Silver?

Its whatever you named him in the begining.

What is the name of the main professor in Pokemon silver?

Professor Elm

What is the thief's name on Pokemon silver the old one?

poka master

What is the name of the gym leader of the dragon gym in pokemon silver?


Who is the final gym leader you must beat in Pokemon silver?

I don't know her name, but she has dragon-type Pokemon

Who is the rival for Pokemon HeartGold?

His name was actually Silver, but it was made to be named anything.