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You will know if your PS2 Slim is modded if you are able to access things for free that you would normally have to purchase. For example, if a game add-on is available for sale from the PlayStation network, a modded PS2 may have access to this game at no charge. Another common modification given to these systems is the ability to play disks and programs that are not meant for these systems.

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Q: How do you find out if your ps2 slim is modded?
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An easy way to find out if your PS2 is modded is to put in a game that has been pirated. If it plays then the PS2 has been modified.

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The PS2 slim does not have a harddrive

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no you can only mod a PC version Yes you can edit gta sa on ps2 it just requires a mod chip or any type of modded ps2 console it dosen't matter if it's a fat or slim.if it's a slim you can use swapmagic which allows you to play a modded disc if you own one

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The PS2 Slim Plays all the PS2 games the Fat PS2 would.

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None the PS3 slim does not play PS2 games

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Well if you ever had a imported game work on your modded system it should work now but why import any way?

Can you burn a PSX ISO to a DVD R and play it on an exploited PS2 - If so how?

As Long As The PS2 Is Modded. From What I Know....

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