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the larger ps2 you can ...yes not the slim ps2

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Q: Can you use a ps2 power cord for a ps1?
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Can you use a gameshark for the PS1 on the ps2?


Can PS2 games work on PS1?

No, it doesn't I have tried it. But the stick you can use in PS2 U know that :)

Can you use homebrew PS1 games on a ps2?

no you can not

Can you use a ps1 controler in a ps2?


Can you use PS1 games on PS2?


Can you use PS1 controller to ps2?

yes, the ps1 controllers are dualshock, and the ps2 are dualshock2, so it may not be as good overall as a ps2 controller, but it should work

Can you use PS1 game shark for ps2?

Yes ou can, but only for PS1 games.

Can a wireless ps2 controller be used in a ps1?

Any PS2 wireless controller should be able to work on the PS1. A PS3 wireless controller will definitely not work on the PS2 and PS1, because they use Bluetooth as their wireless technology, whereas wireless PS2 controllers use 2.4GHz as wireless technology.

Will all the ps1 cords work on the ps2 game system?

yes i use ps1 cords

What are the disadvantages of the PS1?

Can't play ps2 games or use ps2 memory cards.

Can you use your ps1 controller and use it on your ps2?

Of course you could, the jack on both Sony PS1 and Sony PS2 are exactly the same, although it lowers the performance than if you were playing with a Sony PS2 controller which means that you can not actually use the controller because who wants a controller that does not work completely. Used PS2 controllers are cheap and there are no good reasons to try and use a PS1 controller on your PS2 because it will not preform like a PS2 controller

Can you use a ps1 GameShark on a ps2?

sadly not. although playstation 1 games will work on a playstation two console. the playstation two games feature software that the PS1 is not capable of processing rendering them unplayable on older consoles