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While it was possible to find missingno. in Red version, it is not possible to find it in FireRed.

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Q: How do you find missingno. in Pokemon FireRed?
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You want to catch missingo in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Missingno. anymore.

What legendary pokemon are available on FireRed?

Articuno, Moltres, Zaptos and mewtew and Missingno

How do you get to the truck in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

The Missingno/Mew glitches are not in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green.

How do you get missingno at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The MissingNo. glitch has been fixed in FireRed and LeafGreen; you have to use a GameShark to encounter it. Sorry, I don't know the code.

What is this MissingNo Pokemon I read about and where can you find it in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't get it in FireRed or LeafGreen without an Action Replay. You can only get it in Red Version, but it can mess up your game. Missingno. can Mess up you game, but not that much. In fact, the ONLY thing it dose mess up badly it the Hall of Fame. If you want to learn more on Missingno., then please follow this Link (You have to copy and paste it sorry):

How can you get find a missingo Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no missingno anymore.

How do you find Missingno in Pokemon Emerald?

i don't think that u can get it

You saw a questionmark Pokémon in Pokémon firered?

that would be missingno a AR Pokemon not on pokedex don,t catch effects are unknown

What does MissingNo stand for in Pokemon?

MissingNo stands for Missing Number in Pokemon.

What type is missingno?

Missingno., the glitch Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow versions, is a very strange Pokemon. If you capture it, you will find that it's type is 'Bird' - which may allude to Flying-type Pokemon. While 'Bird' is not an official Pokemon type, it is appropreate to Missingno. as the Pokemon is unofficial itself.

How do you catch missingno in Pokemon FireRed?

You firmly grasp your copy of Pokemon Fire Red with your left and right hands. Then, you bend the game with a jerking, twisting motion as fast as you can. If your game cartridge is now in two or more pieces, congratulations. You have caught yourself a Missingno.

Where to find missingNo in Pokemon Yellow?

Same way as in red and blu