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After you catch the main legendary (dialga, palkia, giratina) go to lake verity and mesprit will be in the cave in the middle of the lake. Talk to it and then it will flee and appear on your map app.

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Q: How do you find mesprit on the marking map?
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Where is the Cresselia after it runs off?

You need the marking map you used to catch mesprit You need the marking map you used to catch mesprit

When you get the marking map where does it go in pearl?

after you get the marking map it goes into ur poke watch. The marking map is used for locating mesprit and cresselia

What number poketech is the one you need to use to find mesprit?

The one you need to find mesprit is called the marking map you can get one from a guy in the pokech building in jubilife city (he has brown hair ).

In Pokemon pearl and i have 7 bages and im trying to catch mesprit but i don't have the marking map how do i get it?

If you are already saw mesprit in the the cavern, then you should have the marking map. because you will see it then it will run away. Then rowan should come and give you the marking map. But if all of that happened and you don't have the marking app, then something is wrong.

How does a poketech help you catch Mesprit in Pokemon diamond?

If you have the marking map it will track mesprit, just don't fly.

Where is mesperite?

You can find Mesprit in Verity Cavern. Head to Lake Verity and use surf till you find a cave. Inside will be Mesprit. However, it will run away so you will need the Marking Map app to find it.

How do you use the marking map app for the poketch?

When a Pokemon is travelling around (mesprit, cresselia) the marking map will show a little face. Wherever the face is on the map, you will find the Pokemon. The Pokemon wil not be standing there, it will be hiding in the tall grass or even on water..

What is the marking map Pokemon Pearl?

It allows you to mark places on the map. Also, it is used to track roaming legendaries, such as Mesprit and Cresselia.

How do you catch a mesprit that is not in its cave in Pokemon diamond?

you need the marking map on your poketech and the you go between sangem town and route 219 until he will be down in the marking map and then go into the sea there

What does marking map do?

The Marking Map is a Pokètch app that lets you drag the little squares on to your favourite place in the reigon. It can also help you track roaming ledgendaries (i.e, Cresslia, Mesprit)

What happens when you didn't get the marking app when you were meant to?

You won't be able to catch Mesprit or Cresslia. You can get the marking map app after you get 8 badges in Jublife city.

How do you find the legendaries Zapdsos Moltres and Articuno in Pokemon platinum?

you use the marking map on the poketch which you get in the poketch building after you beat the third gym. and you catch them by chasing them on the marking map like mesprit. i suggest using the move mean look which golbat and haunter learn