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To find Mesprit after it runs away Note:Happens after beat Galactic at Lake Valor aslo when you beat the elite four and got the national dex go to canaclave and go to the saliors house talk to the boy and he is having a neverending nightmare from darkrai talk to the sailor and you can go to fullmoon island and talk to cressila and will run of and track it on the marking map like mesprit.

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Q: In Pokemon pearl how do you use the marking poketch app?
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What is marking map?

it's a poketch app for tracking wandering pokemon, that you get in jubilife

The Pokemon tracer app in Pokemon Diamond?

the poketch marking map can be obtained by the poketch president after getting the 5th or 7th badge

Where do you get Pokemon history poketch app in Pokemon pearl?

A resident in Solaceon town will give it to you.

Where do you see the time in Pokemon pearl?

you need to get a poketch that has an app for the time set to you ds

How do you get the map app in Pokemon pearl?

Get 3 badges and obtain it in Jubilife City Poketch building.

Where is app 16 in Pokemon Pearl?

Talk to the Poketch President after receiving 7 gym badges.

Where do you get the marking app on Pokemon pearl?

If you have 3 badges, go to the president of the app company and he will give it to you.

In pokemon pearl where is a pokemon happy meter?

You can get the Happiness Checker Poketch App by talking to a woman in Eterna City's Pokemon Center. This app allows you to see how much your Pokemon likes you.

What if you can't catch mespirit?

Use the poketch app marking map. you get it from the president of the poketch company [jublie city} after receiving the 7th or 8th gym badge diamond and pearl not sure about platinum

Were do you find in item app in platinum?

App is not an item, it is those things that you put into youir poketch, such as the marking map.

Pokemon diamond poketch app that counts?

you come with it!

How does the memo pad poketch app look like in Pokemon pearl?

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