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It's a mod. I do have it I would recommend it. But anyway it's a mod sorry pal.

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Q: How do you find a portal gun in minecraft?
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Can you make to portal gun in minecraft without the mod?

Well, unfortunately it is impossible to make a portal gun without the mod. Sorry.

How do you download the Portal Gun mod for Minecraft on a Mac?

You have to use a crafting table in minecraft you dont need to download it

How do you install portal gun for Minecraft?

1. Back up minecraft 2 install the portal gun mod and all other required mods 3. open your minecraft.jar with winrar/7zip 4. add the files from each mod to the minecraft folder 5. DELETE META.INF 6. Run Minecraft

What is the trick to find a silverfish spawner in minecraft?

Find the end portal. by using ender eyes

Where would you find a portal gun sound effect?

Where do you find an enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find an End-Portal in a stronghold. The probablility of finding a stronghold with an End-Portal in it is small. Because there are 3 strongholds per map, and there is 1 end-portal per game.

How do you find the enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find a stronghold with an end portal in it then place 12 eyes of ender to activate it

Is real player is a portal?

unless your playing minecraft portal mod and portal

What are the names of the portals in Minecraft?

There are 2 portals you can craft in Minecraft. The Nether Portal and The End Portal.

Where can you get a portal 2 toy gun?

search Portal gun DIY indymogul on you tube for instructions on how to MAKE your own portal gun

How do you make a portal on minecraft?

You have to build a structure with obsidian and set the inside on fire with flint and steel. The structure cannot be made in your crafting table. You put obsidian in an upright 4x4 design, with the middle empty. Or if you have the portal gun mod first craft the portal gun then right click to fire portal and press g to switch between portals

Can you find the end portal in minecraft 1.2.4?

Yes, use Eyes of Ender to lead the way.