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You have to use a crafting table in minecraft you dont need to download it

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Q: How do you download the Portal Gun mod for Minecraft on a Mac?
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Is Minecraft safe to download on the Mac?

Minecraft is safe to download for Mac, if downloaded from their site.

Can you download Minecraft on a Mac?

yes, i use a mac to play minecraft :D

How do you run a server on Minecraft?

On the Minecraft download page, you can download a Vanilla (standard) Minecraft server for Windows, Mac, and (I think) Linux.

Is portal available for the mac?

Yes it is. You need the Steam application to download it.

Can you buy minecraft for Mac?

Yes you can, but you have to download a different Mac version on

What do you do after you buy minecraft on a mac?

Play it online or download it.

What plugin do you need to download Minecraft on mac?


How do you download minecraft in mac version?

There are instructions on the website.

How do you download the minecraft paintball mod for a mac?


Can you download gunbound for mac?

Yes there are a lot of gun games for the Mac. Get a Mac. 

Can you use a Mac to play Minecraft on the computer?

Yes you can, but you need to download minecraft for macs

How do you download mine craft for free on mac?

Technically, anyone can download Minecraft for free from Minecraft's website; however, you can only play Minecraft if you purchase an account.