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Yes you can, but you have to download a different Mac version on

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โˆ™ 2011-08-25 20:18:01
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Q: Can you buy minecraft for Mac?
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What do you do after you buy minecraft on a mac?

Play it online or download it.

Is there a mac demo for minecraft?

No, you would have to buy the game at

What type of mac should you buy i do a a lot of fullscreen gaming?


Is the Minecraft game available on a Mac as an app?

It is currently available to buy through the official Minecraft website and is advertised as working on Windows and Mac OS X.

Can you get Minecraft on an apple Mac?

Yes you can get Minecraft on an Apple Mac.

Can you redeem Minecraft on a Mac?

Yes. My friend has a mac, and he plays minecraft on it.

What is the best PC you can buy or build to record Minecraft with a budget of 1325 USD?

I think you can buy a Mac book air or pro. The performance is perfect to play minecraft.

How do you download minecraft 1.9 for free on mac?

Downloading minecraft for free is illegal you should buy it and download it Only from

Can you download Minecraft on a Mac?

yes, i use a mac to play minecraft :D

Does Minecraft work on a mac?

yes, go to and then you need an account, then there should be a big BUY NOW on the right of the home page screen. then go through and buy minecraft. After that, there should be a PLAY MINECRAFT BETA. I would choose download. Then click on show all platforms, then choose Minecraft for Mac OS X. Download then open.

Is Minecraft available for Mac?

Yes, Minecraft is available for all OSes, including Mac and Mac OS X.

Is Minecraft safe to download on the Mac?

Minecraft is safe to download for Mac, if downloaded from their site.

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