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Q: Where would you find a portal gun sound effect?
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Where can you find the you will die sound effect from the Legend of Zelda?


Where an you get a xiao xiao soundpack?

try the stickpage portal,you will find the punches,the landing sound,the swings,the clashing and the slash.all in one pack

Where can you find the Soul wars portal in Runescape?

You can find it in edgeville. Its a wooden portal with a green center.

UPS Employee Portal?

form_title=Employee Portal form_header=Make your employees feel connected by establishing an employee portal where they can find all the information they need. Does your website currently have an employee portal?= () Yes () No Would you like your employee portal to be secure?= () Yes () No How many employees will be expected to use this portal? (Please enter amount)=_

Where can one find the IBM portal?

IBM portal is where you can find technical support resource for all IBM products and services. This can be found by typing IBM portal on your web browser.

How do you get to the enderworld on minecraft?

You have to make an ender Portal or find one near a stronghold. A stronghold would be in the ravines.

Where can you find a portal potty?


Where do you get the griseous orb?

go into spring path you'll find a portal after a couple of tunnels when you find the portal there will only be one way.

What web portal can you find the US government's web portal? is the main citizen website.

Where to find totem portal in realm mad god?

There is No totem Portal in Realm of The Mad God

How do you find a portal gun in minecraft?

It's a mod. I do have it I would recommend it. But anyway it's a mod sorry pal.

Where do you find an enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find an End-Portal in a stronghold. The probablility of finding a stronghold with an End-Portal in it is small. Because there are 3 strongholds per map, and there is 1 end-portal per game.