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there is no TM for thunderpunch but Pokemon like electivire or medicham can learn it.

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Q: How do you find TM thunder punch in Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon platinum where to get a thunder stone?

you can find a thunder stone by checking the UNDERGROUND

Where can find aTM fire punch in Pokemon platinum?

fire punch isn't a TM in platinum. There is a move tutor who will teach it to your Pokemon. it is the tutor on the route west of pastoria city

Where do you find the TM ice punch in Pokemon platinum?

Ice Punch cannot be found as a TM in Pokemon Platinum. Ice Punch was TM 33 in Pokemon Gold and Silver but TM 33 was changed to Reflect since then meaning Ice Punch is no longer a TM move.

Where can you find a thunder stone in Pokemon platinum?

you can find them under ground or there is one in sunyshore city.

Where do you get TM's in Pokemon Crystal?

if you're looking for the tm's fire punch, thunder punch, ice punch, or headbutt you can find them in the golden rod dept. store

Where do you find ice punch in LeafGreen?

Of all unfortunate things you can't get ice punch or fire punch or thunder punch, all of the punches must be learned by a Pokemon that can by level.

Where to find Tm thunder wave in Pokemon platinum?

You get it at the battle frontier for 32 bps.

Where can you find thunder stone?

You can mostly find it in miniature poke balls around the field or if you had Pokemon platinum, you can go underground and mine for thunder stones.

How do you get the news people to move in Pokemon Platinum?

you need to have a distraction whistle you need to find it in mount thunder

Where can you find a electrtic stone in Pokemon platinum?

there is no "electric stone" but there is a thunder stone witch can be found under ground

What level does Raichu learn thunder punch?

it can you have to find a person

Where do you get thunder punch in Pokemon emerald?

well you can't get thunder punch for money or for free you must go to the battle frontier and get some battles in one of the buildings you will get battle points but you must get at least 48 battle points to get thunder punch for a prize after you got the 48 points then go to forget it it so complicated to explains so find it out you self good luck