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Catch a Scyther. Then get a Metal Coat. Attach that to Scyther and then trade.

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Q: How do you find Scizor in Pokemon platinum?
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Can Scizor use fly in Pokemon platinum?


Can Scizor learn the move fly in Pokemon platinum?


Can scysor learn extreme speed at on pokemon platinum?

No, Scizor is incapable of learning Extreme Speed in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you catch a Scizor in Pokemon Platinum?

i stole it from a trainer in calavine hehe

Where do you find the move false swipe?

some Pokemon like scizor learn it there is no TM for false can catch a scizor with false swipe on the route you unlock after beating the elite four in diamond pearl and platinum.

How does Scyther invovle into a scizor in Pokemon platinum version?

Trade your Scyther while it is holding a Metal Coat.

What trainer has a Scizor in Pokemon Platinum?

On platinum Elite Four Aaron has a level 49 the first time and 65 the second time.Hope this helps BROS.

Where can you find a scizor in pokemon heartgold?

The best place to find Scizor in Pokemon Heart Gold is in a low grassy area. Just ride your bike (If you have one) Back and forth and you will eventually find one.

How do you get Scizor on Pokemon Platinum?

you gotta give metal coat to scyther and trade that's the most easyist way

Where can you find a Scizor in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

you can find it in the final dungeon.

Is there a code on Platinum to turn Pokemon Shiny Let me explain I have an awesome Scizor but he's not shiny so i would like to turn him into a Shiny ex 1st Slot Scizor L plus R equals Shiny Scizor?


What type of Pokemon is Scizor?

Scizor is a Steel and Bug type pokemon.