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go to canalave city take the boat ride to iron island make your way through and you will team up with a person named riley beat team galactic in a double battle have a spot open in your party after you beat team galactic riley will give you and egg it will hatch to be a riolu pokedex #115

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Q: How do you find Pokemon number 115 in the pokedex on pearl ds?
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What Pokemon is number 102 on Pokemon pearl pokedex and where do you find it?

It is Chatot. You find it in Routes 222 and 224 (morning and day)

In Pokemon where do you find number 58 in the national pokedex?

IN Pokemon platinum you find this Pokemon on route 201(after you get the national pokedex you put fire red version into your DS)and he will appear.Samething with Pokemon pearl and diamond.

Sinnoh pokedex number 53 Pokemon pearl?

Number 53 on the Sinnoh Pokédex is Combee, you can find it by using Honey on trees.

Where can you find number 65 on the Pokemon pearl pokedex?

You mean.. Drifloon right? You can find one every Friday at Valley Windwork!

Pokemon pearl pokedex with levels of evoultion and where to find them?

walmart or kamart

Where do you get a sun stone in Pokemon pearl?

you get the national pokedex then find it underground

Where to find the 46 Pokemon in pearl in the nomral pokedex?

at pallete town

Where do you find Pokemon number 47 in the pokedex in Pokemon pearl?

If you are talking about the Sinnoh Dex, then you will find 47 (Mothim) after you evolve a male Burmy, which you find rarely in Honey Trees with Honey.

How do you find a Misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only find it on pearl but you can trade with a friend that has Pokemon pearl you can possibly find it when you obtain your national pokedex i might be wrong. :} For people who have diamond,if you know where to find murkrow,then you know where to find misdreavus in Pokemon pearl,you don't need the national pokedex but you can trade Hope you find this info helpful

Where to find pokedex number 62 on Sinnoh pokedex?

in diamond, pearl and platinum it is heracross

Where do you find number 135 on your pokedex on Pokemon pearl?

Lumineon and its one of those fish Pokemon you can geet when you surf or fish idk where though cuz idc for it...

What is the Pokemon in the pokedex that is number 102 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

If youre talking about Sinnoh Pokedex the number 102 is CHATOT. ( you can find him along the beach to the west of Sunnyshore City) If youre talking about the National Pokedex then the number 102 is EXEGGCUTE. ( i think you have to migrate him , im not sure if you can find him on Pokemon diamond or pearl- i havent but my friends got one!- sooooo... i think the best way is to migrate from either Leaf Green or Fire Red) hope it helps!!! :)