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Hoenn Legendary Pokémon cannot be found in Pokémon White.

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Q: How do you find Hoenn legendary pokemon in Pokemon White?
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Where do get hoenn pass at in Pokemon White?

You can't get an Hoenn Pass in Pokemon White or Black. It isn't in those versions.

Where do you get a legendary Pokemon in undella bay in Pokemon white?

There is no legendary Pokemon in Undella Bay.

What legendary Pokemon do you get for Pokemon White?


Can you go to Hoenn in Pokemon White?

No you can't

What Pokemon live in the white forest?

Pokemon that are from the sinnoh, hoenn, kanto, johto

What legendary Pokemon can you find after you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon white?

on pokemon black version u get the legendary pokemon reshiram!(sry if its spelt wrong) and in white u get zekrom! u get the legendary after u defet the pokemon ledge.

How to make legendary Pokemon have eggs in Pokemon white?

It's not possible, legendary Pokemon cant be bred.

Were is the white legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White?

there is no "white" legendary in pokemon white. its black ( and called zecrom) and in the top floor of N's castle and then after u VS N

Is volcarona a legendary in Pokemon White?

volcarona may not be considered to be a legendary as it does infact evolve from a Pokemon called larvesta, but the Pokemon volcarona is considered to be a legendary Pokemon.

What is the name of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon white 2?

White Kyurem

Is volcarona a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?


Is there a legendary Pokemon in the wellspring cave in Pokemon white?