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You can't catch Dialga in Pokemon White. After you beat the the Elite 4, you can use the PokeTransfer to receive a Dialga from Pokemon Diamond, or Platnium.

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Q: How do you get the legendary Pokemon Dialga from Pokemon White?
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Does the poke'mon 'Dialga level 79' evolve?

No, Dialga is a legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon do not evolve at any level.

What is Dialga?

Dialga is a dragon and steel type Pokemon it is legendary

Which is a powerful legendary Pokemon?


Can Dialga and Palkia have eggs?

Dialga and Palkia are the legendary Pokemon mascots of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl respectively. As they are legendary Pokemon, they cannot be bred to produce eggs.

What is the Japanese name for Pokemon Diamonds Legendary Pokemon Dialga?

The Japanese name for Dialga is Diaruga.

What legendary Pokemon do you catch in dimond?


What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon diamond without an event?


What pokemon in the Sinnoh dex is 149?

Number 149 happens to be Dialga, the legendary time pokemon

What are Palkia's and Dialga's evolutions?

Palkia and Dialga do not evolve. Legendary Pokemon don't evolve. Palkia and Dialga are both legendary Pokemon that appeared in the game Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum, so they do not evolve. By Allen306 That is wrong my friend palkia and dialga do evolve Palkia evolves into ducbag Dialga evolves into ashole

Pokemon diamond how do you fuse Dialga?

fuse dialga? well i caught him but i dont know how to FUSE dialga!

What is the best legendary pokemon in diamond?

That would have to be Dialga.

Where are the legendary Pokemon in diamond?

dialga--spear pillar