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You don't. He's not there. Only in HeartGold and SoulSilver with the Celebi event.

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Q: How do you find Giovanni in the old Pokemon gold and silver games?
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Can you find celeibi in Pokemon Soul Silver?

No. You have to trade it from other games.

Where to find the hm dive in Pokemon Silver?

There is no HM Dive in either Pokemon Silver/Gold or Heartgold/SoulSilver. It is exclusive to the Hoenn games.

Where do you find a crystal Onix in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no such thing as a Crystal Onix in the Pokemon games series. It was only in the Pokemon anime.

Where is Mew in Pokemon Silver?

You can't find Mew in Pokemon Silver.

How do you find the SecretPotion on Pokemon Silver?

there is not a secretpotion in Pokemon silver Daniel robertson

Where can you find Pokemon gold silver or crystal?

Well,ebay,Game Stop(maybe),Cyborg Games.

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon soul silver?

You find Moltres in Mt. Silver.

How do you find Celebi in gold version?

Celebi does not appear in the gold or silver games, however he does appear in Pokemon crystal.

Where do you find the earthbadge on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to beat Giovanni in the Celadon City Gym.

Where is Giovanni in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can only find him thriugh the special celebi event.

Where do you find pupitar in Pokemon Silver?

You don't find it. You find larvitar, which is located at Mt. Silver.

Where do you catch teddiursa in Pokemon Silver?

to find out how to catch teddiursa in Pokemon silver... YOU CAN'T IDIOT