Find larvitar in Pokemon Crystal

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mt Silver.

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Q: Find larvitar in Pokemon Crystal
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Can you find larvitar in Pokemon Blue?

No. Larvitar is only available in Pokemon Diamond.

How do you catch larvitar in Pokemon Crystal?

Try looking in mt silver.

Pokemon Crystal larvitar?

Larvitar can be found in Mt Silver. It's a rare pokemon so it wont appear that often so you will need to stay around the area for awhile.

Where can you find a larvitar in Pokemon pearl but not in pal park?

you can't find larvitar in pearl. You can only find it in diamond.

What is in silver cave in Pokemon Gold?

Nothing... other than rare Pokemon like Larvitar (or Pupitar in Crystal)

Where i can find larvitar in pokemon flora sky?

The easiest way to find larvitar is to look on route J. It may take a while but you will find it

What Pokemon to larvitar?

I am guessing this means "Where is the Pokemon Larvitar?". You can find it in the tall grass on Route 207 using Pokemon radar. If you mean "What does Larvitar evolve into?", then it first evolves into Pupitar, then Tyranitar.

Where can you find Larvitar on Pokemon Platinum?

find a caterpie in eterna forest then level it to level 7 and it will evolve into larvitar

What kinds Pokemon can you find on route 8 on Pokemon crater?

you can rarely find larvitar.

Where to find larvitar in Pokemon Gold?

Mt Silver.

How do you get larvitar as a starter in Pokemon Crystal?

Well you can't. Larvitar can be found in Mt. Silver or you may purchase one from Celadon game corner for a mere 8888 coins

What is the first Pokemon game you get tryanitar?

Silver/Gold/Crystal However, you must first catch a Larvitar.