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If your talking about the wii like for wii-friends where u exchange each others wii codes, then u need internet connection on your wii. First, (u need to already have Internet connection) when u first turn on the wii, on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, there should be a circular icon, click on it and then on the bottom left-hand corner there will be another circular icon, also click on that and then click on the 3rd icon and about on the bottom of the screen there will be some numbers or a code, that is your wii code.

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Q: How do you figure out your friend code?
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How do you put friend codes in your ds?

go down stairs at Pokemon center and recice pal pad go register name and code It depends what game you are playing though, if you play animal crossing you go to the gate house and get your freind code by clicking on the guards and asking "friend code!" they will make sure you are connected (wifi) and then they will give you your code. Now, to answer your question, to put in friend codes on your friend roster, you can press the x button and click on the heart, then click register or something, you can add the freind code there. If you figure it out add me as a friend! Name: Erin City: Merryvil Friend code: 3653 - 0346 - 7059 ( i usually play during the weekends, or Friday afternoons ) seattle time! hope this helped! ( i also play Mario kart!)

How do you give a friend a minecraft code?

First you have to purchase the account code via Secondly give your friend the exact code(It does not matter how you give it to him as long as he receives the exact code). Then your friend will have to make a Minecraft account or log into his current account, click Profile and then redeem a code.

What are friend codes for on roblox?

a friend code is, say one of your friends had a ROBLOX account and he told you about ROBLOX. When you make your account, in the friend code type in your friend's Roblox's user name and Roblox staff will automatically send a friend request to him for you.

Can someone share friend codes?

Yes, you can share friend codes. (If you have one) You go on your pal pad and then go under register friend code, and then you need their name and friend code. But they need to add you too.

Where do you get the friend code in soul silver?

you don't have friend codes in soul silver.

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How do you figure out your friend code on Pokemon platinum diamond or pearl?

explane the ouestion more better i dont under stand

Can anyone trade me a chikorita in heart gold my friend code is 0604 0658 0438?

sure my friend code is 2665 5052 6961 username: LILY. message me on my message board so we can figure out a time and day. i want a chikorita too!

How do you get past the last mission on club penguin?

its just eay you follow the pop corn and then you figure out the colur code to meet a secret friend

How do you know your own friend code?

you go to your palpad and select my friend code or ______'s friend code and it will tell you

Who has a friend code for Animal Crossing City Folk?

My friend code is Name: Skull Town: Ember Friend code:4641-3377-6769 I need your friend code too!

How do you know your friend code?

The friend code is unspoken. It is essentially an honor code; a natural way to interact with your friends. There is not website or law that outlines the friend code.

How do you find your friend code on Pokemon platinum?

You find your friend code by going in your pal pad, and select (Your name) friend code

What is a postal code for the US?

A postal code in the US is a ZIP Code and is a five figure number. A full ZIP code is a five figure number followed by a four figure e.g. 30720-8118 .

Does anyone have a furry friend code?

you have to buy a furry friend to get the code

How do you unlock woodland wonders my friend just one day went on webkinz and she found it unlocked how come?

You unlock woodland wonders by entering a code for a figure

How do you get a friend code in Naruto path of ninja 2?

You have to connect to wifi and it will give you a friend code. to see if you have a friend code go to the menu and look at "user" then "view friend code." Credit: Aliel3333333

My friend code is 5413 3021 4985 i nees to know your friend code?

d fizz'z friend code:: 4855 1438 3870