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If you press 1 on your keyboard (near the top of the keyboard, not the side), your sim game should go at a normal speed, if you click 2 it will go a little quicker and if you click 3 it will go the fastest it can go. If you press P it will pause the game. There are buttons you can press underneath your sims picture that can also do this (there are three sets of play buttons and one pause button).

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Q: How do you fast forward time in the sims 2?
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How do you fast forward on sims 2 pets for wii?

You can fast forward. Just press C and + simultaniously

How do you make your pregnancy go fast on the sims 2 double deluxe?

You can't. Just fast forward.

How do you fast forward on the sims 2 psp?

Unfortunately, you cannot speed up the game in any way.

How do you fast forward in the sims 2 pets for wii?

C and + :D glad i could help! :P

How long is nine months in sims 2 time?

you just wait till the prego sim gives birth. maybe you should fast forward it to get to the birth thingy.

Can you go to work with your sim on sims 2 double deluxe?

No you can't follow them to work, when they leave you stay on the lot, and if there are no other Sims in the house the game will fast forward until they return home.

How do you make time go faster in sims 2 ds?

I do not know exactly but on the Sims 2 computer version there at the bottom of the screen is three arrows stuck together it goes so fast

Is the sims 2 free time on PCor PlayStation 2?

The sims 2 free time is for the PC, and is an expansion pack for sims 2.

Can you get Married to a ghost on Sims 2 free time.?

No, in the sims 2 Free time your sims can not get married to a ghost.

How do you kill a sim in The Sims 2 PS2?

The easiest way is to build a pool with a ladder to go with it. Then, have your sim get in to the pool using the ladder. When your sim is comfortably swimming, remove the ladder. That way, that cannot get out. Fast forward the time, and eventually your sim will drown and die.

How do you speed up your pets pregnancy in sims 2?

No you cant speed up your pets pregnancy but you can fast forward in time but only for two days (in sims time) and when your dog goes into labor youll start to see puppies scatter around the floor and when that happens yo can push play and watch it no sorry there is no cheat for making your pet on sims2 go faster. :(

What are the release dates for Fast Forward - 1992 Give It Up 2-2?

Fast Forward - 1992 Give It Up 2-2 was released on: USA: 27 December 1994