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All pet pregnancies are 2 Sim days. (Every hour is about a minute our time)

And there is no known cheat that will make it speed up. Although, you can press the fast forward button and let your Sims do whatever for two days Sim time, then press play when your dog is going into labor.

****Also if you speed it up and your sims needs go down just do this: ctrl + shift + c then a short skinny box will show up and type in exact what i type: maxmotives

then click enter and all your sims needs go up!****


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Oh yeah I was wondering the same thing, but that really helped.... I am now gonna get kittens on sims 2!!!!

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Q: How do you speed up a pregnant dogs pregnancy sims 2?
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Is there a cheat for sims 2 ps2 pregnancy?

No you can not have a baby or get pregnant on The Sims 2 PS2

How do you make your sims pregnancy go faster on sims 4?

Speed up the game

How do you speed up pregnancy on sims 2?

Pregnancy already takes a short time on sims 2 but if you want it too speed up look for cheatcodes on cheat sites.

Can you speed up horses pregnancy on sims 3 pets?

You can speed up a horse's pregnancy on Sims 3 by selecting fertility treatment. It takes 10,000 happiness points to use.

How do you speed up a sims pregnancy?

On sims 2: Type in the cheat bar 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' then press shift and the mouse button over your sim. Go into spawn, then tombstone of L and D (life and death), Then press on the tomb stone. Get ur sim pregnant and then click on the tombstone and click on speed up my pregnancy.

How long to horses stay pregnant in sims 3?

3 days - like a normal sims 3 pregnancy

How can you make your baby come sooner on sims?

To make your sims pregnancy speed up...First you go to your neighborhood and click Ctrl, Shift, C and type in: boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true Then you Shift, click your pregnant sim, then click spawn, tombstone of L and d (life and death), then you click speed up my pregnancy if it's not one of the first selections... Click more and it should be there!Have a Happy Pregnancy!

Cheats to make a teen pregnant on Sims 3?

As far as I know, there has never been a teen pregnancy cheat in any of the Sims

Can you have children for sims two on the ps2?

No you can't. But you can create younger looking Sims and pretend that they are someone's children. Same as pregnancy, you can't get your Sim pregnant in Sims 2 for PS2

Sims 2 how do you have a pregnancy test?

In Sims 2 you can't take pregnancy tests, you usually can tell if they are pregnant because they will get morning sickness, after they woohoo a little chime will play and of course the "baby bump".

Signs of a Sims pregnancy?

well if the sim is pregnant is has to throw up and its gonna get a stomach really quickly

Make your teenager pregnant on sims 2?

There's a hack for that.Teen Woohoo and Pregnancy Hack you can get it at