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face him, click on him, then have courage and believe!

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Q: How do you face the 7 gym leader in Kanto in soul silver?
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Where is the 7th Kanto gym leader on soul silver?

He is in the seafoam islands.

Who is the hardest gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

Blue, the last gym leader in kanto region

Where is the seventh Kanto gym leader in soul silver?

Blaine. Seafoam Island (Cinnabar)

How do you find the seventh gym leader in Kanto in soul silver?

The seafoam islandsby super aj

Where do you go when you win agains the 3gym leader in soul silver when you went to kanto?

I go to sleep

Where do you find the 7th gym leader in kanto Pokemon soul silver?

he is at the sea form islands

Where is the second gym in Kanto on soul silver?

cerulean city.the leader is misty,the water type trainer.

Ware is1st gem leader in Pokemon soul silver?

Jhoto=voiet city Kanto=venimine

Where is the 7th gym leader in Pokemon soul silver kanto?

It is in Mahogany town in the southwestern corner of the town.

What city is the last gym leader at in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Blackthorn if you are including Kanto its Viridian Pokegamer01

Where is blue the gym leader on the game soul silver?

cinnabar island need 7 kanto badges

Where is the seventh gym leader on soul silver in the kanto?

Cinnabar Island Blaine was always 7th guy