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use surf to get to seafoams islands go up the ladder and battle to the gym leader

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Q: What to do after you beat the 6th gym in kanto on soul silver?
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What do you do you after you beat the 6th kanto gym leader on soul silver?

The answer is simple: defeat the 7th gym leader. That would be Blaine, who is found in the Seafoam Islands. Defeat him to gain access to the 8th.

Where is the 6th gym leader in Kanto soul silver?

In saffron city. P.S: She uses the psychic type

How do you get to Pryce in Soul Silver?

beat the 6th gym leader and then go to mahogany town.

How do you get the 6th badge from Kanto in Pokemon soulsilver?

You beat the 6th gym leader.

Where do you find the legendary birds in Pokemon HeartGold?

moltres=mt silver zapdos=powerplant articuno=seafoam islands you have to beat the 6th gym leader in kanto to catch em

How do you get the 6th badge in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to beat Cianwood gym, get the medicine from the Cianwood medicine shop, and take it to the top of the lighthouse. Then, the gym leader of Olivine will fight you. Good luck!

What number gym leader is Brock in soul silver?

brock is the 6th gymleader

How do you get the gym leaders attention in mohagony town Pokemon soul silver?

you have to beat the 6th gym leader. then go back to mahogany town and the guy who was standing in front of the gym won't be there anymore.

How do you battle 6th gym on Pokemon soul silver?

like any other one

How do you get the sixet gym badge Pokemon soul silver?

wat u hav to do is beat the gym leader to get the badge noob. The 6th can be Jasmine, Chuck or Pryce. To beat Chuck get to Cianwood and raise the waterfall with a switch at the back of the gym. To beat Jasmine you must take the medicine to her and the Ampharos at the top of the light house. To beat Pryce you must first meet Lance at the Lake of Rage.

How is this team for Pokemon soul silver Typhlosion Skarmory Lapras Magneton Jynx What should i have for my 6th Pokemon?

HO-OH, for sure

How do you get the 6th gym leader out of the light house on soul silver?

yo need to get the secret potion from cianwood city and give it to ampharos