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you need to max out its happyness , if you do it at night it will be an Umbrion and if you do it at daytime it'll be an Espion


In other words, train it like you would any other Pokemon your trying to evolve

answeryou have to give your eevee haircuts! if you use the good one you get espion if you use the younger one you get umbrion also you have to train at night for umbrion and day for espion.


i don't believe any of that for a sec first off umbreon is the night Pokemon and espeon is the day Pokemon if ur gonna try to give advice please do it right. i never gave my eevee's haircuts and i own all the evolutions (cloned 5 eevees) umbreon espeon flareon vaporeon and jolteon. granted flareon, jolteon and vaporeon u only need the stones to evolve them but umbreon and espeon were definetly harder but i own both. umbreon is my favorite though that's the one that travels with me in the game yes it evolved at night and the espeon during the day it took me forever to evolve them though i traveled with 2 eevee's in my team i trained them both day and night but i let one evolve during the day (espeon) and the other evolve at night (umbreon) and yes i agree train it like u would train any other Pokemon to evolve. the more u train it the happier it will become but haircuts i don't believe u need i never gave mine haircuts.

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the previous answerer was close, but evolving eevee into an umbreon/espeon is determined by it's happiness, rather than it's level or anything else. you can understand happiness better by going to "" There are certain things which will raise the happiness of a Pokemon, like certain items (fresh water, lemonade, soda pop, moomoo milk, protein & other vitamins), winning battles, going to the people who groom your Pokemon (it does indeed raise your Pokemon's happiness) and by walking- every two hundred something steps, you get 1 happiness point. your Pokemon will only evolve when it levels up, even if you have enough happiness points (which usually starts of at 70 when you catch/trade for a Pokemon) and you have to get up to 220-250 happiness points. there's no way to tell how many happiness points your Pokemon has.

in generation 3, the Soothe bell (hold item) and Luxury ball (ball) increase the amount of happiness points you get when you do any of the other acts, and several berries raise happiness.

a guide to how many happiness points gained by each action is on

""there's no way to tell how many happiness points your Pokemon has.""

This isn't entirely true, there is a woman in a building in the top right of Goldenrod city, it's a bit north of the bike store. She looks at the Pokemon in the first position and you can gain an idea of it's happiness level from her response. You are looking for something along the lines of ''I get the feeling that it really trusts you"

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Q: How do you evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon in Pokemon Gold or Silver?
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Can you evolve eevee into an umbreon in Pokemon Yellow?

no it cannot it can only evolve into jolteon, vaporeon, and flareon. it is not until gold, silver, and crystal that you can get umbreon and espeon.

What Pokemon evolve when they are happy?

Golbat---> Crobat Evee---> Umbreon or Espeon

How can you evolve your eevvee into a umbreon on Pokemon FireRed?

so far, you cannot evolve eevee either to umbreon or espeon on FireRed because on FireRed and LeafGreen, there is no clock system. You must trade eevee to Emerald for evolving to Espeon or Umbreon

How do you evolve Eevee into Espeon on Pokemon firered?

You can't. It evolves by the time of day. Since there isn't a clock, eevee won't evolve into espeon OR umbreon.

What level will Eevee evolve into umbreon in heart gold?

eevees (on any Pokemon game) evolve into umbreon or espeon with happiness. happiness at night will result in an umbreon just as happiness in the day will be an espeon. to increase happiness, walk around with your Pokemon A LOT. i think its like 256 is 1 point. they evolve at about 250.

Can you turn Espeon into umbreon with a moon stone in soul silver?

No, you cannot turn an espeon into an umbreon with a moon stone. You must train a separate eevee during the nighttime with full happiness to get an umbreon. A moon stone will evolve a clefairy, jigglypuff, and skitty, but not an espeon.

Can you evolve eevee into umbreon or Espeon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In ANY GAME!! If you use a moonstone, i think

Why are umbreon and espeon always together?

The Reasons Esbreon Gets Shipped Is: 1. Espeon and Umbreon Came in the Same Generation. It was Gen II. 2. Espeon is a "Sun" Pokemon and Umbreon is a "Moonlight" Pokemon. 3. They two Evolve from High Friendship of the Pokemon to the trainer (also sylveon evolves the same way). Espeon Umbreon and Sylveon cannot be Found in wild.

How do you evolve Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon in Pokemon FireRed?

You can evolve Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon by giving it 'friendship' which means using it alot in battle, and not letting it die ect. You get Espeon in Day and Umbreon at Nite with the friendship. espeon 4:00 AM- 7:59PM and umbreon-8:00PM -3:59AM

How do you get Espeon Umbreon in Pokemon LeafGreen with no stones?

K.....1-they do not evolve by stones 2-you get an espeon or umbeon buy it evolving during day or night to check that go to your clock at your house if it's anywhere between 9:00-12:00 pm it will evolve into umbreon anywhere from 9:00am-4:00pm it will evolve into espeon

How do you make eevee evolve into umbreon and Espeon sooner?

depends on happiness espeon during the day umbreon at night

How can eeve evolve into Espeon you LeafGreen?

No because the game lacks the built in game clock feature which lets the game change from day and nighttime which is essential for evee to evolve to Espeon or Umbreon. If you want these pokemon you will need to use Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald to evolve the Evee because these games have the in game clock feature or you can even trade the Espeon and Umbreon from pokemon colosseum.