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you battle 2 people and the first one is girl in a room with tables and the second one is in a room with a scientist and they give you passwords

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Q: How do you enter the in team rockets boss room in Pokemon sliver?
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Where is team rockets boss Pokemon FireRed?

You can find him when you go to the HQ and beat all of the galactic grunts and once you reach the top you will get to battle the boss.

What is the 8 badges in Pokemon FireRed?

it's team rockets boss you have to battle if you beat him you will get the earthbadge

Is it possible to buy a master ball in Pokemon pearl?

no but you do get them from beating the team rockets boss or who ever are the badguys hope it helps

Pokemon-what epasode does it show why meouth learned to talk?

meouth never learned to talk it was a machine that team rockets boss made

How do you get to the boss in the game corner in Pokemon Red?

You first have to get the lift key which is on B3 a rocket will drop it after defeating him use the lift to go to B4 defeat the two rockets then defeat the boss.

Who is jiavany?

team rockets boss

How do you get the silph scope to identify the Pokemon blocking the stairs?

The silph scope is left behind by team rockets boss after defeating him in the game corner.

How do you enter the gimnasium in Pokemon firered version in Pokemon tower?

You need a Silph Scope.You get from boss Giovanni in Celadon City.

How do you catch the silph co in Pokemon firered?

Defeat all trainers in the pokemon tower in Lavender Town (Rival, Channelers, and Rocket Grunts) then defeat everybody at the Rocket Hideout in the game corner in Celadon City (Rocket Grunts and boss Giovanni), then you will be able to enter Silph Co. in Saffron CIty (Rocket Grunts, Rival, Boss Giovanni).

On which floor is boss giovani in rockets hideout in Pokemon leaf green?

The last floor but you need to use a warp to get to him. I think the warp is on the third floor.

Where do you find feraligator in Pokemon Ranger?

You cant, Feraligator is a boss you catch! If you are going to ask questions about Pokemon ranger signs please defeat the game first!Slowking: But, that is in Pokemon Rangers. For Gold/Sliver, you can only get as a starter Pokemon. In Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, it can be only be done by trade.

What do you do once your in team rockets warehouse?

kill there boss