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After you run the install program it will offer up a EULA - End User Licensing Agreement. After you agree to this (by clicking yes) it opens a secure webpage to allow you to setup your account: the # goes on that page.

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Q: How do you enter an authentication key on your wow account?
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Can you register for more than one account using the same authentication key from your wow games on different computers?

No You cant they use the information of your account AND your computer. Once an authentication key is used, it can not be used for any other account.

In World of Warcraft what does enter your Authentication Key into the fields below?

This means that an authenticator has been attached to your account by you (or a hacker) and the code that the authenticator displays needs to be inputted in order to log in to wow.

What is the authenication key to wow?

The authentication key to Wow v3.09 is ......... (drum roll) ..... B!

Where can you find an authentication key?

You can find the Authentication key on the Front of your WoW , BC ,WOTLK Cd-case.

Wow do all authentication keys work on different accounts?

Authentication keys are one account use only. once it is used it is locked to the account. no ifs, ands or buts.

How do you make a full version wow account?

First, you have to get a disk/disks with unused authentication key(s). After that, you either download the game, or if you already did that, go to the main site and go to create account. After that, you just have to go through the account registration process.

Where do you enter the authentication codes from WoW Caraclysm?

the code should be on outside of the disc case after you've already opened the box

Wow Authentication Key?

The wow authenticator is an additional security measure users can add to their account to keep hackers out. The key is generated every 30 seconds, is never the same thing twice, and if extremely hard to crack, although not impossible. It has been known to be vulnerable to the "middle man attack". This is rare though and requires that the user have a Trojan on their computer. PS. If you were asking for the CD authentication keys, sorry, those are one use only keys. IF you want a key, go out and buy the disc.

I upgraded my account on wow to burning crusade but my standard addition key doesnt work when you put it in the upgrade account part on the website?

you need to put the new key in...

Do you have to bye a new game to make another account on wow?

The account you have (as well as a new one) is created on the server based on an authentication key. It does not matter whether you get the key from a CD package or you buy a download version, but to get a second account you must buy another game. If you wish for a second account, it may well pay to use the recruit-a-friend option from your first account to effectively recruit yourself, and upgrade that account to a full account instead of a trial. That way you also gain the X-52 Nether Rocket mount.

Can you use your CD key to get your wow account back before 30 days?

The question can be interpreted in a few ways, so I will try to answer several possible questions:Getting a compromised account backYou can get your WoW account back if it was taken over by someone else by filling in a form on the WoW website and proving the account is yours by means of your ID/Passport and/or the CD key of your original installation.Getting a deactivated account backIf your account was shut down by yourself (ending payment) then you can simply go into your account administration page and start the subscription again to reactivate the account.Getting a banned account backIf your account was permanently banned, nothing short of Blizzard's consent will start it up again. This means appealing to the ban using their contact form, and doing the best you can to prove that (if the case) you didn't do what you were banned for. Else, your account is simply locked.Starting a new account with the old keysOnce the activation key has been used to make a WoW account, you cannot use it to create another. The created account is unique.Installing WoW againIf you installed WoW once before and have an account, you no longer need the CD key to install the program. Simply installing it will allow you to log into your account. In fact, you can also log into your account and download the game from there.

You accidentally made a WOW2 when you meant to upgrade your trial account what do you do?

If you tried to upgrade your trial account but accidentally created a new WoW game in your account, the best thing to do is contact customer service. Explain them that you would like the characters from your trial account moved to your new account instead. If you had wanted to use the RAF feature instead, instead tell them that you would like to make use of the RAF feature and that you would like to know if it is possible for your trial account to be upgraded with the information in your second account, to keep the possibilities of the RAF feature. In either case, it is likely you will be asked for identification and the authentication key of your new WoW account, so keep them close when contacting them.