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If you have or have taught a pokemon the move Secret Power, you can use it on those vine trees, notches in cave walls, and big bushes to turn them into a secret base.

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Q: How do you drop the vines on the tree in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you get vines down for a tree base Pokemon sapphire?

i think you use the TM secret power but im not sure so try it and see if it works

Where can you find a the tree like Pokemon in sapphire?


What are examples of vines?

the tree of vines

Do trees help vines?

no vines really kill the tree.

How do the trees help the vines?

Trees help the vines by giving them nutrients that the tree once had, but instead is now giving them to the vines. Yet the tree is losing nutrients that it needs to survive because of the vines taking the nutrients from it.

Where do you get 209 in Pokemon Ranger 2?

Tackle a tree at The Hia Valley with *1 (or more) and it will drop down the tree.

How do vines get on a tree?

i dont know

How do you make vines drop to get into team magma hideout in mauville city?

First of all that's not magma's hideout someone drew on the sign Team magma rules! Use the move secret power on the tree to make vines appear.

Can you catch regigaigis in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, regigaigis is a fourth generation Pokemon and Pokemon Sapphire is a third generation game. zoo3891 says, above is correct but you can transfer the tree regis to diamond/pearl/platinum and then go to the snowpoint temple and catch regigigas on floor b3

What glitchs are in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are two known glitches in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. 1) Tree Glitch, cut down a tree and walk on that space save and turn off game. When you start the game again you will be on the tree. 2) Thunder Glitch, occasionally when you use thunder the sound will continue until you win/lose the fight, and then your game crashes.

Pokemon ruby how to make a house in a tree?

Use secret power on a large tree (more than 1 space across), and vines should come down, letting you have your Secret Base there.

How tall does an grape tree grow?

Grapes grow on vines from a bush not a tree. The vines can climb quite high if allowed to but the bush grows about 4-6 feet high.