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You don't , it is saved to the "my photos" folder or the "screenshots" folder in your computer

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Q: How do you download a snapshot in minecraft?
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Does minecraft snapshots work on servers?

Only if the server is Snapshot and you have the same version of Snapshot. To create a server with snapshot, download the snapshot server creater.

How do you get rid of Minecraft snapshot 1.4.2?

You just re-download Minecraft, force update it, or update it if it gives you the option.

What is Minecraft snapshot?

It is a "photo" that you take while you're playing minecraft.

What is a Minecraft snapshot?

It is a "photo" that you take while you're playing Minecraft.

What do you do to use a Minecraft snapshot?

Replace your minecraft.jar with it.

When does minecraft 13w01a snapshot come out?

The 13w01a snapshot has been released; you can find it at the link below.

What are the newest versions of minecraft?

The newest version of Minecraft as of October 4, 2015 is 1.8.8, but the newest snapshot of Minecraft is 15w40b

How do you make nether quartz in minecraft 1.4.7?

You can't. You can, however, mine it in the snapshot versions of Minecraft 1.5

What is snapshot for Minecraft?

you can upload a screeshot of your game to facebook from the pause menu.

Where you download Minecraft?

You can download Minecraft from

Is it possible to delete a normal Minecraft server and replace it with a snapshot one and if so how?

Yes it is, you just downlad the snapshot serer version and rplace it with minecraftserve.jar

How do you put the Minecraft 1.4 snapshot into Minecraft?

on windows on the folders thing at the to type in %appdata% then go to .minecraft than bin then delete the minecraft jar in it then put the 1.4 jar in