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The newest version of minecraft as of October 4, 2015 is 1.8.8, but the newest snapshot of Minecraft is 15w40b

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Q: What are the newest versions of minecraft?
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What is the newest version of minecraft in 2013?

Currently, Minecraft's newest version for PC is 1.4.7

Does a minecraft prepaid give you the newest version of minecraft?

Yes it does

What Minecraft would you recommend?

There is only the newest version of minecraft,and it is 1.2.4.

How much is Minecraft 1.7.3 on PC?

Mojang does not sell previous versions of Minecraft. If you have a Minecraft account, download a mod which allows you to play previous versions of the game.

How do you downgrade Minecraft from 1.4.4 to 1.4.2?

You can download "Minecraft Nostalgia" to downgrade versions of minecraft

What are the news computers?

Did you mean, "What are the NEW computers", or what are the NEWEST computers? If you did, Windows 7 & Windows Vista are the to newest versions of windows computers, unfortunately I don't know the newest versions of Mac and Linux. I hope I answered your question!

Can Minecraft pocket edition users interact with normal Minecraft players?

The different minecraft versions are incompatible.

Is minecraft forge compatible with mod loader?

As of the newest forge, no.

What are the Minecraft updates?

1.4 is the newest of 11/5/12

When does the minecraft 1.16 come out?

Minecraft 1.16 came out April 29, 2015. The newest PS3 Minecraft update as of July 2016 is 1.31.

Does RuneScape need old versions of java?

newest version is needed

What are some good seeds in Minecraft?

Good seeds vary between different Minecraft versions.