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Only if the server is Snapshot and you have the same version of Snapshot. To create a server with snapshot, download the snapshot server creater.

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Q: Does minecraft snapshots work on servers?
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What are good Minecraft survival servers?

Check on websites such as planet minecraft or other sources to find the latest survival servers that have been pinged and work.

What mods work on Minecraft 1.2.3 servers?

The Server has to install the mods Not You.

How do you play Minecraft free?

search minecraftsp in google and download it its free minecraft but some multiplayer servers dont work

Any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6?

No, there is not any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6. In fact, there are no more 1.6.6 servers at all. There are only updated servers. My recamendation is for you to update minecraft. All of the servers, or the most active, always update.

Why wont any servers work?

You probs have Cracked Minecraft. I have the same version, but a server that will work is Try that.

Do you need minecraft alpha to play on beta servers?

no you need minecraft beta to play beta servers

Minecraft Server won't work. Please Help?

Have you port-forwarded? That's needed for Minecraft servers to work (and for most other gaming servers).

What minecraft hack lets you go on servers that are not up?

If a server's not up, then nothing short of magic can let you get on it - to think otherwise is to critically misunderstand how servers work.

Will minecraft 1.3.2 servers work for 1.3.1?

Yep! Because its simply bug fixes, people playing with 1.3.1 can go on servers for 1.3.2 and vice versa.

What are the top ten servers in minecraft?

If you go onto the site "PlanetMinecraft" then hit "Servers" on the horizontal menu. Then click on "servers" then "Top List!" you can see the top servers on the biggest Minecraft site.

What is the IP code for multiplayer Minecraft?

That depends. Many servers have their own ip address. Some servers work on hamachi, which has a totally different type of ip address. Each Minecraft server ip is different, but you can find different servers on any website or make your own with port forwarding or hamachi. For general multiplayer servers just type in 'Minecraft Multiplayer servers' and you should come up with many websites with tons of good servers to try out! Happy Playing! ;)

Who is moepop in Minecraft?

moepop is a epic minecraft player he made 15 servers and beat like fifty servers too