How do you download Minecraft 1.3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to buy minecraft from the official website. And then update the game via the launcher.You can also download only the minecraft.jar file from the Mojang website and replace your own.

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Q: How do you download Minecraft 1.3?
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Where you download Minecraft?

You can download Minecraft from

Can you download Minecraft to Wii?

yes you can download minecraft but its not free fo game

Is it the account or the download that costs in Minecraft?

It's not the account that costs in Minecraft; it's the download. The cost to download Minecraft is $19.99.

Do you have to have the paid Minecraft to have the clay soldiers?

No you don't you can download it on a outdated minecraft as long as the download you download is the same as the outdated minecraft you choose

How does anyone make a Minecraft server?

if you go to the minecraft website and click the download minecraft link, you will see teh download minecraft link and download minecraft server link. Click the download server link! Enjoy! :D

Where can you download Minecraft 1.8?

You can Download finished Minecraft at:

What do you do after purchasing Minecraft?

Download the launcher at to play Minecraft.

What can you do when Minecraft site crashes on you?

You can download minecraft on a different website and play it on the download

What is the size of the full Minecraft download?

The size of the download for Minecraft is 258 KB.

How do you download Minecraft with USD?

You need to make an account and then pay for Minecraft and download it.

How do you download Minecraft after you purchase it?

At the bottom right of the minecraft homepage there is a download button.

Where can you download Minecraft pluggins?

You can download minecraft plugins from planet minecraft minecraft forums bukkit (for multiplayer) mods for mods for