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It's not the account that costs in minecraft; it's the download. The cost to download Minecraft is $19.99.

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Q: Is it the account or the download that costs in Minecraft?
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How much does it cost to download and have an account on Minecraft?

It costs $20 to get a premium account and download minecraft.

How do you download Minecraft it is a computer game?

In order to download Minecraft, you must go to and make an account then click download. Making an account costs money though.

Is it free to download Minecraft for the PC?

Yes, the download of the client software is free of charge, it's the premium account that costs money.

Can someone give you a free Minecraft account?

It's free to make a Minecraft account. You can get it on Minecraft's home page (the link is under "Sources and related links" below this answer). Then you have to download it, and that's what costs money.

What do you put in for a permium Minecraft account?

A full minecraft account costs $26.95

How do you download Minecraft with USD?

You need to make an account and then pay for Minecraft and download it.

Can you download a Minecraft skin from an account?

Yes you can download a minecraft account. You will need to have bought your minecraft account. If you didn't It won't work. First download a skin from a website and upload it to profile page of yours.

Do you need to register your account to get Minecraft?

You must register your account to play Minecraft, however, anyone can download Minecraft.

Where can you download the full version of Minecraft?

After you register a premium account, you can download the client from the Minecraft website.

What do you have to download to play minecraft?

you have to download the minecraft.exe and have a premium account

How much does Minecraft net cost?

a minecraft account costs $26.95 USD

Do you need to pay to have a Minecraft account?

A Minecraft account is 100% free. But buying the full version costs 28.95.