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The account is free and you can tecnicly download the game without even buying it, but, in order for minecraft to work you have to pay for it for $26.95. Then you can download the .jar file.

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Q: Do you have to pay for a minecraft account and if so how much?
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Is registering for a Minecraft account free?

Yes it is.But if you want to download the game you have to pay. So overall registering a minecraft account is free.

Does a Minecraft account cost anything?

The account doesn't cost anything, but you have to pay to get a digital download of the game so that you can play it.

How much does Minecraft cost to play?

Minecraft currently costs $21.95. It is 25% off while in beta, so be sure to get it soon. The game is a onetime payment, not a "Pay-to-Play".

Can you get Minecraft on disc?

No. The most important part about Minecraft is the premium account which you register and pay for online. The client can be downloaded from there too, as it is relatively small. Selling it on disc would be problematic - you'd still have to pay for and register the premium account online, all that'd be on the disc is the client software which is free anyway. So Mojang would be spending money to produce a disc version of free software that the customer could have got after getting their account.

I really want minecraft How can you get Minecraft if you have bought it does it come in the mail or do they send a password or what?

If you buy minecraft, it makes it so your account is registered (so when you log on to the site you can play the alpha version).

What is registering on Minecraft?

It's the process of creating your account so you can play the game.

How many servers can you have on one account on minecraft?

You do not need a Minecraft account to set up a server, so unlimited. However most computers can only run one server at a time

Does minecraft come as a game disc?

nope. what you do is when you make an account on, you can then upgrade your account so you can play the real game.

How much do you have to pay to play online on minecraft?

If you want the full updated version of the game then, Yes.You only pay once and all updates are free. Even the multiplyer server is free to download after you by the game.There is a huge modding community so you can just about do anything in Minecraft with a mod is the ONLY official place to downloadthe game. Walmart, Target and most of the large stores also sell Minecraft on a CD but you still have to download the game via the internet. The store CD is only the download installer and will take you to the website for you to register and make an account to download it.$26.95 US

How much does Minecraft cost on the 3DS?

Minecraft is not available for 3DS, so there is no price.

What is a minecraft username and password for PC?

If you are asking for a username and password of another person's account, here is not the place to do so. Not only can their account be subject to a password change, but they may lose their account. I recommend buying Minecraft, if you find it a good game!

Do you have to pay to be able to build roller coasters on minecraft?

No, I don't think so