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If you are asking for a username and password of another person's account, here is not the place to do so. Not only can their account be subject to a password change, but they may lose their account. I recommend buying minecraft, if you find it a good game!

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Q: What is a minecraft username and password for PC?
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Where can you enter a minecraft username and get the password for that account?

i think in the minecraft pc version

How do you sign in for Minecraft launcher?

when you open minecraft you enter your username and password in the username and password box. you hvae to register on the minecraft website

What is the username and password for Minecraft?

you have to buy an account and create your own username and password

What is the pass code and username for downloading minecraft?

When you register an account on the Minecraft website, you made a username and password then. That's the username and password you use for downloading and playing the client program.

What is skydoesminecraft username and password?

SkyDoesMinecraft username is SkythekidRS and password is minecraft

What is a minecraft username password and varafication key?

It is how you live

What is a Minecraft alpha username and password?

It is the Username that you sign into Minecraft with. It is also the name seen above your head in Multiplayer servers. The Password is the password you use along with your username in order to gain access to your Minecraft account and play Minecraft in browser. It would be a Minecraft Alpha Account if you bought the game between June and December 19th, 2010.

What do you do when someone steals your username on Minecraft multipleyer?

report them to an official of minecraft and change your password

What are some usernames and passwords for Minecraft?

Username: pipola Password: pipola

What is Minecraft password?

The password is the secret code of sorts that you use to secure your account. When you register an account, you'll choose a username, and a password to access your username. When you log into the Minecraft site or the game itself, that's the password you use.

What do you do when you you get bad login in minecraft?

Click on the 'Forgot Password' or 'Forgot Username'. Either one should prompt you for your email, and that should reset your password, or show you your username.

What does bad log in mean on minecraft?

It means that either your username or password is incorrect.