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Here are the steps, be sure you to follow them in order.

1: The fur is clogged in so you have to use your comb, its in your spy phone DUHH..

2: It will then analyze that fur. So you can wait, after the analysis is done it will show a pink puffle.

3: Once you get that settled G will give you the white fur. You then go to the analyzing system and then analyze it, it turns out it fails so there is a second analysis. The second analysis shows 3 items, Jet pack fuel, Hot Chocolate, Jet pack fuel, and hot sauce. You need to find those 3 items in order for the goggles to work.

The rest you can do, I only gave a headstart :O

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Q: How do you do the mission the secret of the fur on club penguin?
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In Club Penguin what left behind the fur on the mission 'The Secret of the Fur'?

Herbert (the polar bear), left behind the fur in 'The Secret of the Fur' in Club Penguin.

What is the name of mission five on club penguin?

secret of the fur

How do you beat Club Penguin's mission of the secret of the fur?

The Trainer

Where is the fan in the mission of the secret of the fur on club penguin?

in the Hq lab

Where is the hot chocolate on the secret of the fur secret mission on club penguin?

The coffee shop.

How do you do secret of the fur in Club Penguin?

Since i don't want to make this answer too long, just go to Youtube and type Club Penguin Mission Secret of the Fur. Or go to a Club Penguin Cheats site, like club Penguin Gang.

In Club Penguin where do you find the for the secret mission of the fur?

um i dont play this game

How do you put the items in the analyzer on the secret of the fur mission on club penguin?

You need to comb out the puffle fur stuck in the analyzer first.

What is the mission you get the pizza from on Club Penguin?

There are two missions like that. One is The Secret of the Fur Mission (mission 5) and the other is Mysterious Tremors (mission 8).

What happens after you catch the crab on secret fur mission on club penguin?

you give it to G and you go to the next level

How do you attach the wire in the coffee shop in the mission the secret of the fur on club penguin?

use your wrench in your spy phone

Where is Gary on club penguin mission secret of the fur after you have got all of the items he asked for?

He is in the Gadget Room by the table.