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Q: Where do you get the bait for the fur mission in club penguin?
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Where is the bait in secret of the fur in club penguin?

by the dock

In club penguin secret of the fur what is the bait for the creature?

Go to the Pizza parlor and get a candle as bait.

What is the bait for monster in secret of fur in club penguin?

seaweed pizza

What is the bait for the Fur mission on club penguin?

Ok iv'e grabbed the fan,got the hot sauce and iv'e poured the chocolate into the machine what do I do next?

In Club Penguin what left behind the fur on the mission 'The Secret of the Fur'?

Herbert (the polar bear), left behind the fur in 'The Secret of the Fur' in Club Penguin.

How do you beat the fur mission on club penguin?

you do stupid stuff

How do you finish the fur mission in club penguin?

its easy it was the g

In club penguin on the mission of the fur where do you find the trap?

in the lighthouse

What is the name of mission five on club penguin?

secret of the fur

How do you beat Club Penguin's mission of the secret of the fur?

The Trainer

Where is the fan in the mission of the secret of the fur on club penguin?

in the Hq lab

What do you do after you find the fur on club penguin mission 3?