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You go up the stairs in The Inn in Battleon. Then you talk to Blackhawke (the guy in all black with scars on his face. Next you say that you want to do fighter class quests, and after you become a level 5 fighter you can start to do the knight quests. To get the knight quests you just talk to Blackhawke again and say knight class instead of fighter class.

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Q: How do you do knight training on adventure quest?
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Where is blackwak in adventure quest?

there is no blackwak in adventure quest maybe you meant blackhawk he's in the upper in floor of the inn you need to be lvl 5 to go up you can talk to him to start fighter class at level 5 fighter+ you can talk to him and begin knight training

What is a unused adventure quest world Doom knight overlord code?

You probably won't get it like that.

How do you become An adventure quest paladin?

You have to be a level 5 knight and mage, then go to Paladin Order

Are there any knight games like adventure quest?

DRagon fable, Adventure Quest Worlds, rune Scape, Kingdom of Loathing(not really, it is a browser based rpg), and(going out on a limb)MechQuest

How do you become a fighter on adventure quest?

Go inside the Inn in Battleon Go upstairs You'll find a guy who gives the fighter class

MMORPG games similar to RuneScape and Wizard 101?

World of Warcraft, cabal online, knight online, adventure quest, adventure quest worlds. those are just a few I can think of right now.

In adventure quest where do you get the blade of rend?

you get it where you train to be a knight you go in the in up the stairs and talk to the guy who's up there and click train to be a knight hope this helps you

How do you go do dromancer training on adventure quest?

if you mean dracomancer go to dragonspine in travel map

How do you become evil in the original adventure quest?

I THINK you have to master the evil armours like necromancer, doom knight ETC....

How do you get the nova knight armor in adventure quest?

before you could just click on the todays event but now its gone am lost

How are some ways to make money on adventure quest worlds?

Black Knight and Dwakel.Black knight: Sell everything he dropsDwakel: Sell everything you get from the quests and all the monster drops

What is the doom knight overlord shop code for adventure quest worlds?

The code is different with each action figure, there is no set code.