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World of Warcraft, cabal online, knight online, adventure quest, adventure quest worlds.

those are just a few I can think of right now.

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Q: MMORPG games similar to RuneScape and Wizard 101?
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Is there any mmorpg games for kids?

Runescape, Dofus.

What are good mmorpg games that you don't have to download or install?


Free mmorpg games better than runescape?

Well, that is a matter of opinion. Some say that Unrealscape is better than runescape because it provides free membership of runescape. Other MMORPGs that are favored is Wizard 101, Free Realms, Lord of the Rings Online, and The West.

A list of non email mmorpg games?

runescape, roblox, and manic digger

What are games like runescape?

MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game)

What are some good RPG online games?

RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and BattleOn games are all good MMORPG's.

What are some fun MMORPG games?

MMORPG: Runescape Adventure Quest Worlds RPG: Adventure Quest Mech Quest Dragon Fable Warp Force (Adventure Quest Expansion)

Are there any good browser based games?

Yes. Go on yahoo and search runescape. then select runescape #1 free mmorpg play now! it is really fun i promise.

What is a fun MMORPG to play I would like to play an MMORPG like guild wars 2 but less boring I am not looking for any games like runescape maplestory that sort of thing can anyone help?

You shouldn't play any game other than RuneScape, but if you want you should look into Global Agenda. It's quest system is similar to World of Warcraft, but you primarily use guns.

What are some free online RPG games similar to runescape?

There are none that are free and similar to runescape, other than a runescape private server.

What is a good mmorpg that i might like some games i didn't like are flyff fiesta and some i did and got bored of are Maplestory Runescape and World of Warcraft?

go to and play zOMG it is a good mmorpg

What are some online virtual games like club penguin?

wizard 101