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1:Go to your player profile.

2:Go down (below your awards).

3:Click on all friends.

4:Delete by clicking on the X in the right corner of the guy you want to delete's particular square. (Where their yome's face is).

5: Say bye to that dick you hate!


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Q: How do you delete your friends on Miniclip Playlers?
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How do you delete friends on miniclip?

you can't

How do you delete Miniclip Players?

You can not delete miniclip players? only miniclip admins can delete players? I may have miss understood this question so feel free to remove my answer if needed.

How do you delete highscore on miniclip?

not possible at all

What was the first game on miniclip?

The First Game On Miniclip was BEST FRIENDS

How do you get stars on miniclip?

improve your profile by getting more friends, challeges, and interacting on the miniclip sight

How many playlers is ice age 3?


How do you delete your Yo me on miniclip?

The way to do it is send an email to and just say that you want to delete your account. You have to include your username and password. Then, they will do the rest.

Where is the friends panel in the miniclip Pirates of the Caribbean game?

Just press "F" to get to the friends list.

What is the friends league on Miniclip?

If you have a player card which tracks points and high scores you can get friends and challenge them in games.

How many views do you have to have to write message to your friends on miniclip?

I don't believe there is a requirement

How do you see your stars in miniclip?

go on one of your friends profile and go on their "my friends" and you will see yourself there and see your stars

How do you delete people from your friends' list on TinierMe?

Well you click on the friends' list you want to delete or highlight it and press DELETE