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Go to a PC in any Pokemon Center and in when you are in /withdraw/deposit/move when you press A to do something one of the options is release.

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Q: How do you delete your Pokemon emerald profile?
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How do you delete a Pokemon profile in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you right click it and press delete

Is there a place on Pokemon emerald to delete Pokemon moves?

yes in lilycove city

How do you get your moves deleted in Pokemon Emerald?

There should be a move deleter in Pokemon Emerald, try to find this person and you should be able to delete your moves.

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do you delete the profile?

u run around in squares

How do you delete saved data in Pokemon emerald?

make a new file and save it

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon sapphire?

if you want a Pokemon to clone and hold an item, you will just delete your profile.;)

How do you delete a profile on Pokemon platinum?

Up+SELECT+B all together

How do delete a Pokemon dimond profile for ds?

you just start a new game -_-

How do you get a new profile on Pokemon diamond version?

You delete all of your progress and start over

How do you delete Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

go to the Pokemon Center open ur box. select the Pokemon u don't want from the box and select release

How do you delete your profile in emerald?

press up left b select at he same time its tricky i think this works for ruby and Sapphire to

How do you delete a profile in Pokemon SoulSilver?

When you open a new game it will tell you what to do be aware lots of buttons