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goto options and goto last scroll on bottom off system update and click it when your done the games will still be in the shop for free and you can download it any time you want.

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Q: How do you delete downloaded games on the Nintendo DSi?
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Can you delete downloaded games on the dsi?


What are all the games for Nintendo DSi?

all the games can be downloaded or all of the original Nintendo ds. this is not real

Where do you get the web browser on Nintendo dsi?

The DSi Internet Browser can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo DSi shop.

How do you sell downloaded games on the Nintendo DSi?

you can't. once you download them they're yours

On a Nintendo dsi can you play with dsi ware games when you ant connected to the internet?

The DSiware games are downloaded to your DSi and appear on its menu. You do not need to be connected to the internet to play those games.

Does Nintendo dsi center let you keep the game you downloaded on your dsi?

Yes. once you download the game with your points or you downloaded it for free no matter way they Will let you keep it until you delete it of the system or clear the memory.

How do you delete games you've bought from the Nintendo DSi shop on the Nintendo DSi?

First, go to system settings. Next, go to data management. It will give you a list of all your shop games. Tap the game you want to delete. Then, it will give you two options. Copy or delete. Tap delete. Finally it will delete it! Remember, if you want to get the game back just go to the Nintendo Dsi Shop and go to the game you deleted. You can re download it!

How do you delete Nintendo 3ds transfer tool?

Sorry, but for right now you cant delete it i downloaded it and i cant get it off my Dsi its permanent for now i even called Nintendo customer service twice and they said the same thing there is no way to remove it at the time.

Is Nintendo DSi XL is better than Nintendo DSi?

yes it is it got 3 downloaded game and just a bigger version of a dsi

How do you download Nintendo zone on a dsi?

The NDSi does not support Nintendo Zone and can not be downloaded

Does the DSi have a web browser?

Yes. The DSi has a web browser that can be downloaded from the Nintendo DSi shop for free.

How do you delete regain DSI games?

If you delete your DSi store games, you can redownload them from the DSi store itself.