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To delete a game file for any Pokemon game, you need to press Up on the control pad, then Select, then the B button. Hope I helped!

it dont work

if you want to delete in laptop first make a folder and keep all the pokemon game stuff in it the in that folder you will see a search bar on top right.In that search the game name like pearl, heartgold, etc. the you will see the related search there will be a blank page named as Pokemon pearl.dsv or ds1 and etc. and delete all the dsv and dsv and ds1, etc. and the name could be anything like Pokemon diamond.dsv or Pokemon heartgold.dsv. the will be the same as you write on the search bar.

hope i helped.

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Q: How do you delete a game in Pokemon?
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How do you delete pokemon platinum version?

you do new game then save over the other game

How do you delete your game in Pokemon LeafGreen?

press new game

How do you start your Pokemon ranch game over?

You would need to transfer all your Pokemon back to your DS game, and delete the save data in the Wii Options menu (Wii Options -> Data Management -> Saves -> Wii -> My Pokemon Ranch -> Delete). However, if you delete your game save, you will lose any Pokemon left on your My Pokemon Ranch game.

Will a bad egg delete your Pokemon game?

Yes it can.

Can I transfer Pokemon from my game to the poke walker and into a new game?

no the pokewalker can only be to one safe file. if you delete the file with a Pokemon in the poke walker then you would either have to keep the Pokemon in the pokewalker or delete the new Pokemon so you can link it up to the new game

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

It can't be not duplicate your Pokemon your game boy save will be delete

How do you delete Pokemon?

you don't,for any Pokemon game that i know of you just go to menu and go to your Pokemon and release them not delete k bye bye i hope this answer was helpful

How do you delete a Pokemon pearl character?

Start new game

How do you delete your game on pokemon black?

Do up-select-b.

How do you delete Pokemon the game Pokemon HeartGold version?

Go to the Pokemon center and in the PC select a Pokemon and click release

How do you restart Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

You will have to delete the game. It also depends on which Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game you are talking about. But, there should be an options button in the menu. If there is, click on it, and there should be an option "delete saved game" Hope this helped!

How do you delete the continued game on Pokemon diamond?

Press 'up' 'select' and 'b' at the same time and it will ask you if you want to delete your saved game.