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Yes it can.

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Q: Will a bad egg delete your Pokemon game?
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How do you get rid of a bad egg in pokemon white?

You cannot get rid of a bad egg. The game will treat the bad egg as a real egg and will not let you get rid of it. So the only way to get rid of it is to delete your game and to start over.

How does your Pokemon white cartridge delete itself?

Probably have a bug in the game and destroyed it. Maybe you have a Bad Egg in the game.

Is bad egg from Pokemon real?

Yes, there is such thing as a bad Pokemon egg. but do not worry about it, it only appears in your game if your game is hacked.

I have a Bad egg what to do?

Firstly, DO NOT SAVE. This can delete your file, or perhaps bust the game forever. Secondly, TURN YOUR GAME OFF. This will delete the Bad Egg forever, unless you get another one. Hope this helps ;-)

What is a bad egg in Pokemon Emerald?

A Bad Egg is a glitch in the game. Having a Bad Egg is not a good sign in playing it. Bad Egg can hatch at any time. Hatching Bad Egg can cause your game to corrupt as well as your game files.

What does a bad egg do to your game?

It can delete your game and give pokerus and jus a whole lot more.

Is there a code to turn a bad egg to a good egg on Pokemon platinum?

ive did the same thing with my action replay. The truth is if u have a bad egg there is only 2 things u can do. u can start over your game & it will be gone. or u can get a Pokemon ranch on Nintendo wii & transfer it into there. make sure it is the only thing there & then delete your ranch. basicly you're going to have to delete something.

How do you get rid of my bad egg in Pokemon in slot one in Pokemon Diamond action replay?

You have to delete your save sorry dude/

What will the Bad egg do?

It can cause giltches to your game that can be fatal and may delete you save file.

What is inside a bad egg in Pokemon?

if me not false when bad egg hatch the game will be error i'am indonesian sorry.....

What are the glitch Pokemon you can find with the Pokemon modifier?

You can get - (Generation 4 Missingno), Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur, Bad Egg, A regular egg and the manaphy egg, (These might hack to -, Bad Egg, ISB, Legendaries, another egg, evolved Pokemon like Infernape, or might freeze the game.) and a Generation 4 hybrid that will crash your game with the modifier in the wild. With the code activated in the museum, give them any fossil and you will get it at Level 0, 1, or 20. These Pokemon are dangerous to your games and reccomended to stay away from them unless if you're willing to delete your data or crash your game.

What does the Bad Egg do in Pokemon?

You can get the bad egg in the games: ruby, Sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl, and i think platinum, and possibly heartgold and have the bad egg when: it hatches like every 2 steps you take. another egg hatches from the egg. you can never deposit your bad egg in your Pokemon storage thingy, because it won't let you, although you can trade with other people. and if you have the bad egg, then your the unluckiest person , because the bad egg will freeze your game, and delete your save file. so all that work you did in your file, will all be deleted.