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Dessous is most harmed against air spells and make sure u pour the silver blessed pot with blood crushed garlic and spice in it then put protect from magic on use the best air type spell you can GOOD LUCK

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Q: How do you defeat dessous in RuneScape?
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What is Abbans-Dessous's population?

The population of Abbans-Dessous is 239.

What is Auxon-Dessous's population?

Auxon-Dessous's population is 1,176.

What is the population of Clermont-Dessous?

Clermont-Dessous's population is 724.

What is the opposite of dessous in French?

The opposite of "dessous" is "dessus" in French.

What is the area of Abbans-Dessous?

The area of Abbans-Dessous is 3,200,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Auxon-Dessous?

The area of Auxon-Dessous is 6,280,000.0 square meters.

What is the population of Saint-Offenge-Dessous?

The population of Saint-Offenge-Dessous is 581.

What is the area of Clermont-Dessous?

The area of Clermont-Dessous is 15.08 square kilometers.

How do you defeat the wizard on runescape that broke into the bank?

You don't.

What is the area of Saint-Offenge-Dessous?

The area of Saint-Offenge-Dessous is 7,920,000.0 square meters.

When was Le dessous des cartes created?

Le dessous des cartes was created in 1990.

What is Benque-Dessous-et-Dessus's population?

The population of Benque-Dessous-et-Dessus is 19.