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The best way to defeat Byron is to level up your PKMN (at least LV. 40 and up). Use fighting types here, because all of his PKMN are weak to Fighting types. If you have a Staraptor with the move "Close Combat" .. use it.

B Y R O N ' S _ P K M N

Magneton - Lv. 37 (Electric Steel)

Steelix - Lv. 38 (Ground/Steel)

Bastiodon - Lv. 41 (Rock/Steel)

- Good Luck!

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Q: How do you defeat Byron in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you defeat Byron in platinum?

Use fire and fighting type Pokemon like infernape

What Pokemon do you need to defeat Byron in Pokemon platinum?

I swept him right through with a close combat, flame wheel infernape.

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west of Jubilife city

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