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If you have reached that part during the "Lost City"quest, you are meant to "Kill" a tree spirit then killing it will allow you to cut down a branch from the dramen tree.

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Q: How do you cut dramen tree on runescape it wont let me?
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How do you cut down a tree in runescape with a emote?

You cant. You have to actually click on the tree. There is no emote that does that.

What is a Yew in RuneScape and how do you get them?

a " yew" is a tree and u have to have a certain lev. to cut them down you have to have level 60 woodcutting to cut a yew tree

How much experience does a tree give in runescape?

A tree gives 25 woodcutting experience if you cut it down.

What is the best tree to cut down to raise my woodcutting level quickly on runescape since I am not a member?

cut willows till you can cut yews ~key

How is yew dispersed?

When cutting down a tree in runescape other players will not effect the rate of which you get logs but will effect the rate the of which the tree is cut down.

Which trees do you cut down in the quest Mountain Daughter on Runescape?

When you are finding you're way to the cave, you must cut down the dead tree's.

What hatchet do you need to chop down a magic tree on runescape?

You can cut down a magic tree with any hatchet, but the higher level needed to use that hatchet, the faster it will cut the tree i.e. a rune hatchet will cut much faster than a steel hatchet.

Where do you find the true year in runescape?

You are supposed to cut the Evil Holly Tree for free players. Cut it down and you'll receive the true year.

Is there are way to cut Maple Logs fast on Runescape with rune axe and about 60-65 WC?

start cutting the tree and giggle at the same time it will b cut down right away

How do you cut jewels in RuneScape?

Ask some players through out runescape

What is the best place to cut oak trees on runescape?

Some good places to cut oak trees in RuneScape for free to play players include the two locations East Draynor Village and South-West of Varrock West Bank. For pay to play players, a good spot to chop down oak trees is the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Oak tree chopping is not a good way to get money in RuneScape however, but is good for training Woodcutting levels.

How do you cut a saphirre in runescape?

You cut every gem with a chisel.