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Follow these easy steps to craft a clay ring:

1. Go to the mine south-west of varrok.

2. Mine one clay rock.

3. Buy a clay mould at the G.E.

4. Use the clay with a bucket of water.

5. Use the soft clay with a ring mould.

6. Use the ring mould with a furnace.

7. Tadaa! A clay ring.

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Q: How do you craft clay rings in runescape?
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How do you get clay rings blessed in runescape?

Click use on the ring and use the clay ring on the priest

How do you get soft clay on RuneScape?

To get soft clay within Runescape you must first mine a clay rock, located in many mines throughout Runescape, once you have some clay you must get a bucket and fill it with water and use it on the clay.

How do you make rings on runecape?

You'll need a gold bar and ring mould; with those items (you can opt to include cut gems -- Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Dragonstone or Onyx) to create gem-topped rings -- go to any furnace in RuneScape and you can craft rings. Gem-topped rings can be enchanted to have extra benefits/abilities -- example: enchanting an emerald ring will enable it to teleport you, or an enchanted ruby ring will lessen the likelihood of failure to craft metal bars (iron is a great example). All enchanted rings with the exception of Onyx and Dragonstone are temporary, meaning once the enchantment has worn out at zero charges, the item crumbles and will be lost after the last charge is consumed. Dragonstone jewellery can be recharged for free after certain quests have been completed. It's also possible to craft clay rings by mining clay, using water on it and moulding it into a ring; all that's left is to fire it and get it blessed by the Lumbridge priest.

Where do you get soft clay in RuneScape?

mix clay with water

Where do you get knight dolls on runescape?

you craft it

Where can you spin clay on RuneScape?

No, sorry :(

How much can i make for1k of clay on runescape?

1k OF CLAY IS 151K...

World of war craft or RuneScape?


Why clay is used in pot making?

You just use pottery clay. In runescape, you mine clay.

How and where can you mine clay in the new RuneScape?

if you go to the mining spot on the side of ice mountain you can find clay there. from one blood185 on runescape you can also mine clay in the dwarven mines

What does a car clay modeller do?

A car clay modeler makes cars out of modeling clay. The clay that is used to make a model car or other craft project can be purchased at any craft and hobby store.

What has more players runescape or world of world craft?

runescape has more total however idk if runescape has more members