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Clay goes for 177Gp each

Soft-Clay goes for 244GP each

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Q: In runescape how much is clay worth for?
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In runescape how much is clay ore but times it by 50k of them?

Clay is worth 146gp market price in Gradn Exchange x50,000 = 7,300,000gp

How much can i make for1k of clay on runescape?

1k OF CLAY IS 151K...

Where do you get a sacred clay hammer in Runescape and how much is wine worth in GE?

You can find out about how and where to obtain a sacred clay hammer on some runescape help sites. And wine in the grand exchange can sometimes change prices so it's hard to really say how much it is because it changes everyday.

How do you get soft clay on RuneScape?

To get soft clay within Runescape you must first mine a clay rock, located in many mines throughout Runescape, once you have some clay you must get a bucket and fill it with water and use it on the clay.

How much do sac red clay pickaxes in runescape cost?

You don't buy them.

Where do you get soft clay in RuneScape?

mix clay with water

How much is a rem 260 worth?

i had to put rem but i think it means runescape i ment to put how much is my runescaPE ACOUNT WORTH LEVEL 260 oops caps

Where can you spin clay on RuneScape?

No, sorry :(

Why clay is used in pot making?

You just use pottery clay. In runescape, you mine clay.

How and where can you mine clay in the new RuneScape?

if you go to the mining spot on the side of ice mountain you can find clay there. from one blood185 on runescape you can also mine clay in the dwarven mines

How much is bait worth on runescape in gp?

3 gp

How much is cheese worth on runescape?

check Grand exchange