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If it is a USB port charger - plug it into the back of your Wii (which should have a USB slot) or plug it into any other USB port such as a laptop & games console!

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Q: How do you connect your Wii-remote charger to your Wii?
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What is the worst Wii remote charger?

I think wii remote charger are all very good. I have bought three wii chargers on this website and they work perfectly.

How do you get Wii connect 24?

Wii connect 24 is a feature on every wii console. Go into the wii system settings under the Internet category and enable wii connect 24. Enabling wii connect 24 however will increase the power consumption of the wii when it is not in use.

What does it mean when the blue light is not on the wii charger?

If it's yellow, then the wii remote is done charging. But if you put the wii remote on the charger and it immediately turns yellow even though your remote has no batteries, then your charger has problems/it's broken.

How much does wii connect 24 cost?

Wii Connect 24 is free

Can you connect a PSP to a Wii?

No, the Sony PSP cannot connect with the Nintendo Wii

What happens if your wii power button is yellow?

Green= wii is onyellow= wii connect 24 is onred= wii system is off and wii connect 24 is off

Can r4i connect to Wii since that r4ds cannot connect to Wii?

use CycloDS

Can a Wii U controller connect to a normal Wii?

No, you cannot connect a Wii U controller to a Wii. Only Wii Remotes and other Wii accessories will work for the Wii, and the Wii U GamePad only works for the Wii U.

How do you connect the charger in a car battery?

Connect the positive + red charger cable to the positive + red battery post. Then connect the negative - black charger cable to the engine somewhere. Most engines have something metal sticking up that you can connect to. Do not connect the negative charge cable to the negative battery post, always connect it to the engine.

How do you connect two Wii remotes on the Wii game Boogie Superstar?

You have to sync the two remotes on the Wii in order to connect it on the game.

How do you connect Wii to a CD player?

You can't connect Wii to the CD player because there is no port for it.

How does a wii remote charge?

There is a special charger you can buy.