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I think wii remote charger are all very good. I have bought three wii chargers on this website and they work perfectly.

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Q: What is the worst Wii remote charger?
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What does it mean when the blue light is not on the wii charger?

If it's yellow, then the wii remote is done charging. But if you put the wii remote on the charger and it immediately turns yellow even though your remote has no batteries, then your charger has problems/it's broken.

How does a wii remote charge?

There is a special charger you can buy.

Can the Wii motion charge on Wii remote charger?

they don't need to be charged they can't fit inside the wii remote chargers. so no

What does the blue light on the wii remote charger mean?

It means it is charging.

The Wii comes with a Wii remote charger?

You don't have to buy one. The Wii Remote is designed to use two AA size batteries. The charger packs are a convenience, as you don't have to go out and get new batteries every few hours of gameplay.

Can you charge a black wii remote on a white charger?

Yes you can. It charges quicker.

How do you connect your Wii-remote charger to your Wii?

If it is a USB port charger - plug it into the back of your Wii (which should have a USB slot) or plug it into any other USB port such as a laptop & games console!

My dual wii remote charger battery life is low?

When i first bought the wii remote charger, it said to charge for 12 hours but i only ended up charging for twenty minutes. The battery life is now poor, what can i do

How much does a wii remote charger cost at best buy?

I got mine for about $20

How do you tell when the wii remote has finished charging on a dual charger?

The light on the dual charger will turn green. When it is charging the light is red.

Why wont your wii remote work?

You need to change the batteries or charge it with a charger that you can get at game stop

Do you have to have a Wii remote recharger set to recharge the batteries or can you just use a regular battery charger?

yes of course you're allowed