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You have to use the wrench from your spy phone.

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Q: How do you connect the milk to the coffee machine in club peguin?
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How do you fix the machine on club penguin?

press the coffee machine filled with coffee beans

Where do you get the milk for the coffee machine in club penguin?

coffee shop

How do you adout a peguin on club peguin?

you cant only puffles

How do you get coins?

peguin club

Can you have babies on club peguin?


Where is the chocolate machine in club penguin?

The coffee shop.

Can you use numbers in club peguin?


How does the club penguin membership card work?

club peguin

How do you make a club peguin traner?

i don no.

In club peguin how do you sell your puffles?

you cant

Where is the beacon on club peguin?

On top of the lighthouse

How do you get the pizza apron on club peguin?

in the catalogue